Creative Writing Track

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#1 Ranked Undergraduate Creative Writing Program — College Magazine

The Creative Writing Track is a cross-genre program that provides students with opportunities to work intensively with various forms of imaginative expression, from the prose poem and experimental essay to the short story and radio drama, while participating in a resilient community of dedicated writers that draws on the richness of the creative writing tradition at the University of Iowa.

The Track encourages students to explore conventional genres (poetry, fiction, nonfiction, and playwriting) but also inspires them to cross boundaries in ways that square with the dexterity of contemporary writers proficient in more than one literary form.  The hub of the Track is a cluster of intimate Writers' Seminars that focus on the art and craft of writing.  Rigorous and engaging, these Seminars probe the experience of reading as a writer while tracing the history of, and contemporary practices in, various kinds of literature. 


Creative Writing Track Personnel:
Robyn Schiff, Director

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Kate Torno, Academic Advisor

 Provost's Postgraduate Visiting Writer for Nonfiction

 Provost's Postgraduate Visiting Writer for Poetry

 Provost's Postgraduate Visiting Writer for Playwriting

, Provost's Postgraduate Visiting Writer for Fiction

Alum talk about writing:  Trent Reedy, author of 6 books, was at Iowa before the creative writing track existed, but speaks about his development as a writer.

Listen to alum Cade Scott interview authors about their writing craft and inspiration to give new writers insights into the career of writing.